Schedule an API call, any time in the future.

Notifications that should be sent out an hour before the event? Scheduling clean up jobs? Exponential backoff over multiple days?

We have one simple API. It takes a date and a payload. When the time comes, we send the payload back within less than 5 seconds.

Why should you use the point in time scheduler?

Any timespan

There are no duration limits. You can schedule events for minutes, hours, days, and years!

Precision and scale

We will call you within 5 seconds of the time you specify. No matter if you've scheduled one or millions of events.

Usage based pricing

Only pay for what you use. No costs when you don't use it. Not even any code that you need to maintain.

Schedule your first event

All we need is an ISO formatted date, and a string payload.

Register an application, and then use the code on the right to schedule and receive your first event.

Stay tuned!

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